Opens 5/21 @ 8 AM.
Closes 5/28 @ 11 PM

4 wk turn around time at most. Shipping will be no later than 6/28

All blends will be available in clamshells ($4), Breaker Bars (approx 6-6.5 oz $8.75), Goodie Bags (approx 8 oz $10.50), 11 oz Candles ($12.75), and Loaves ($20.75)

Midway Madness (new)- Caramel Popcorn, Candied Apple, Buttercream Frosted Cupcakes

Sundae Delight (new)- Maraschino Cherries, Vanilla Ice Cream, Waffle Cone

Carnival Nights - Strawberry Cake, Cotton Candy Frosting, Waffle Cone

Fly Girl - Cotton Candy, Lemon Drops, Raspberry Jam, Fizzy Pop

Limelite (new)- Keylime Pie, Sugar Cookie Dough, Whipped Cream

Banana Boat - Banana Pie, Vanilla Wafer, Vanilla Buttercream

Afternoon Tea - Lemon, Sponge Cake, Tea & Cakes

Tequila Sunrise (new)- Margarita Lime, Strawberry, Guava, Passionfruit, Mango

Romance Me (new)- Amber Romance, Blue Sugar

Walkin’ on Sunshine - Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Toasted Marshmallow

Cherry Fizz - Maraschino Cherry, Fizzy Pop

Sticky Fingers (new)- Blackberry Jam, Fluffy Cotton Candy

Girls’ Day - Strawberry, Whipped Marshmallow, Frosted Cookie

Funny Monkey - Banana, Meringue, Strawberry Milkshake

Berry Bites - Crunch Berries, Toasted Marshmallow

Under Pressure - Fresh Coffee, Red Velvet Cake

Day Drinker - Maraschino Cherry, Coconut Dream, Vanilla Wafer

Baby Cakes - Lemon Zest, Pound Cake, Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Mango Tango - Mango Sorbet, Birthday Cake, Waffle Cone

Beach Nights - Toasted Marshmallow, Salty Sea Air, S’mores

Summer Vibes (new) - Juicy Peach, Strawberry Pound Cake, Ice Cream

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